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Project Pratyahar

  • The vast majority of the napkins found in our homes, restaurants, etc. are made from wood pulp, the use of which drives the degradation of forests around the world. Fortunately, after thorough research, we found a solution to this issue. Instead of relying on virgin pulp, we can use recycled content or sustainably sourced alternate fibers
  • Our project is entitled as PRATYAHAR which is an initiative inclined towards replacing the virgin pulp napkins with BAGASSE napkins.
  • Bagasse is the dry fibrous material that remains after crushing sugarcane to extract their juice which is ideal to be used as a raw material in the paper industry.
  • Using Bagasse as an alternative will not only help in reduction of deforestation, but recycling it will also help in reduction of waste that contaminates the environment and it will be a step closer in the making of a better tomorrow.
  • By end of 2022 at least 20 underprivileged women will be provided employment under this project along with forming a community of approximately 30 sugarcane juice vendors.
  • In the long run, this project will not only guide people to understand the importance of using eco-friendly products but will also help other women to stand up for themselves and for their rights in the society.

Did you know ?
"Around 40% of all deforestation is caused by the paper and pulp industries."