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General Questions

How many times can you reuse bamboo straws?

Bamboo straws are not disposable after one usage. These environment-friendly straws can last for several years with proper care. Just make sure to wash them thoroughly, keep them dry, and store them in a clean area to avoid any contamination

Are they hygienic and safe to use?

Bamboo straws contain a natural binding agent called Bamboo Kun it is found within its fibers. This works as natural protection against harmful chemicals or bacteria. This property makes the straw hygienic without the need to use strong cleaning agents. Also add on a point it has no sharp edges which makes bamboo straws a safe for children to use.

What is the diameter of the straws?

The diameter of the bamboo straws is minimum of 1inch.

How to tackle bamboo straws smell ?

After each use, make sure that you rinse your bamboo straws straight away. You can do so by putting you bamboo straws under the running tap or rinse them out in hot soapy water. There are some more tips and tricks that we do recommend. After a month of using your straws, put them in a pot of boiling water with some vinegar. Let them soak for a couple of minutes and voila. After doing this, you can rub some coconut oil on both the inside and outside of the straws. This is not necessary, but we like doing this as the straws look more vibrant and they will last longer.

How long do bamboo straws last?

Bamboo straws can last for years when they get the right care. We recommend to use the straws for a year and most of our customers use them for around a year as well.

Do bamboo straws hold bacteria?

Bamboo straws eliminate the potential for ingesting chemicals that are often used in the dyeing process of paper and plastic straws. They can be used for both hot and cold drinks and are naturally anti-bacterial. Bamboo straws are the 100% from-nature option for reusable drinking straws.

Can bamboo straws be used with hot drinks?

Bamboo does not conduct heat . A natural organic bamboo straw eliminates the potential for chemical ingestion and allows you to use a straw for drinking hot – or cold – drinks.

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